Archived Web, what’s the problem?

RESAWArchived Web, what’s the problem? Web archives, digital research infrastructure, and the development of a nation’s web

IHC – Digital Humanities and Historical Research and Project ROSSIO
FCCN – Arquivo da Web Portuguesa

Niels Brügger (Aarhus University, the Centre for Internet Studies, and NetLab) – CV

This presentation will introduce some of the basic characteristics of archived web, compared to digital collections and with this as a stepping stone some of the consequences for the scholarly use of archived web are debated. Then follows a brief introduction to the Danish national research infrastructure for internet studies, NetLab, as well as to the European network of RESAW (, an acronym for ‘A Research infrastructure for the Study of Archived Web materials’, which is a collaboration between leading European web archives, including the Portuguese Web Archive, and research communities studying the archives. Finally, a newly started research project is briefly introduced, namely ‘Probing a Nation’s Web Domain: the Development of the Danish Web 2005-2015’

Place and time:
FCSH-UNL, Av. de Berna 26-C, room 606 (6th floor Tower B)
November 11, 2014; 11 am



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